Pregnancy Blend

Pregnancy Blend

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Pregnancy Blend

A delicate blend of Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, and Tangerine essential oils, providing a beautiful aroma which may help relieve feelings of nausea and help with relaxation and energy. 


Lavender is well known for it's relaxation properties and may help bring a sense of calm.

Ginger may help provide relief from morning sickness and feelings of nausea

Frankincense is a calming, grounding essential oil, that may help soothe the mind and promote feelings of calm. It is said that frankincense may provide relief from stress and anxiety.

Sweet Orange provides an uplifting and energising aroma and also contributes to the delicious aroma of this blend.

Lemongrass provides a fresh scent that may help clear the mind, enhance mood, and raise energy levels.

Tangerine has an appealing aroma that may have a calming effect and help soothe nerves.

WORD OF CAUTION: Petal & Spice cannot provide therapeutic or medical advice in any shape or form. The information provided in this description is for reference purposes only and does not replace medical advice. If you have any concerns you should always consult your health care professional. Please seek professional medical advice about using essential oils safely during pregnancy. As a precaution it is generally advised to not use essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Our oil blends are made using 100% pure and natural almond oil base, with quality essential oils, natural fragrance oils and botanicals.

Our 10ml Roller Bottles are thick frosted glass with a bamboo screw lid and stainless steel roller ball.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, ginger essential oil, frankincense essential oil, peppermint essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, tangerine essential oil.

If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

Net Volume: 10ml