English Tea Shop Certified Organic Pure Green Tea

English Tea Shop Certified Organic Pure Green Tea

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English Tea Shop Certified Organic Pure Green Tea

An organic, fairtrade Pure Organic Green Tea that's packed with antioxidants. This tea is prepared using traditional Chinese methods and it has a refreshingly sweet and floral flavour. There are 20 Tea Bags in a Box. 

Certified organic by The Soil Association and Fairtrade International. 


The English Tea Shop is an independent tea brand that have been creating high quality teas since 2010. They are certified organic and certified fair trade. They develop close and long lasting relationships with their organic farmers and have their own factory in Sri Lanka so their supply chain is traceable and closely managed. 

Their teas and ingredients come from small farmers in limited quantities, grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The farmers are paid a premium above the fair trade price and the wellbeing of their families is very important to The English Tea Shop.